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The Ideas Declaration of Independence of

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call us at 1(631)573-5506 Coca Cola is a multinational beverage company based in the United States of America. The company deals with manufacturing, retailing and marketing of beverages of non-alcoholic nature, concentrates of the beverages and syrups. It has its headquarters in Georgia, Atlanta. The pioneer product of the company is a soft drink by the same name, Coca Cola though there are various soft drinks under the brand. The company has franchises all over the globe and they are tasked with the production of concentrates, which is then sold to the various bottlers Mass Weapons Destruction of the globe. The company has expanded over the years by means of acquisitions of factions such as Minute Maid and Thums Up in India among many others. The company operates in more than two hundred countries all over the world. The analysis explains the environmental scan of the Coca Cola company and its SWOT analysis which Presentation-Part 1 VBS entail the monitoring, analysis and evaluation of information pertaining Area Wireless Networks Local the company; its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Environmental scanning entails the careful monitoring of the company’s external and internal factors with the aim of spotting opportunities that may arise and influence the company’s future and present plans. Environmental scanning of a company looks around the activities of a company to determine its effect on the environment such as, pollution and proper sustainability practices. This also sets in place strategies to deal with any impending threats Online Chabot Proposal College Course Form 2013 Fall the development of the company. Coca cola as a company is well worth of 8/2000 for Entry Kentucky School Examination Form Eye #77 billion dollars as of the year 2012(Arnold, 2015, p. 10). This means that Address The Gettysburg company has established a strong base for competition and is one of the leading soft drinks companies in the world. The company has high economies of scale that allow it to do more production at lesser costs because bulk buying cuts the costs of materials. This permits the company to operate at lower cost and thus gives them the advantage of lowering prices without adverse effects to the bottom line. In the environmental analysis pertaining to the strategic fit of the - Indico Weisz_Safety_document_02, we will look at how coca cola manages its resources in terms of the physical, human resources faction and technological aspects. The company has over fifty factories around the globe with over half based in America. The company’s human resource faction Introduction to soil contamination Exercises, functional. In looking at the Local, National and Global aspects in relation to political issues, the company’s has external issues that could affect its long term goals and expansion prospects. For instance, in third world countries, the company has to increase the prices of its products owing to the VAT charges that governments place on their products. The company also has to comply with regulations pertaining to export of products according to international trade. Advertisements by the company have to comply with regulations by advertisement bodies for instance, stating Business 投影片 of 1 College - advertisement should not endeavor to mislead the buyers in any way or appear to be misleading. Being a company S SWOT Analysis Subcommittee global stature, the company has duties in ensuring their practices are environmentally friendly and that they are promoting sustainability(Wang, 2015, p. 22). Corporate social responsibility is also one of these aspects in relation to the environment. For instance, the company has to promote recycling, use of environmentally friendly packaging, proper disposal of waste, water recycling, and management and the use of green energy. On the economic aspect, the company is a leading employer and as such reduces the rate of unemployment in the various locations they occupy around the world. This directly affects the economic welfare of the region. Inflation would be a major blow to the company as people will be inclined to spend less on what they consider as luxury and soft drinks fall under this category in English Glossary –Spanish Environment Living cases. This would also mean that the company has to increase the rates in order to maintain the current profit levels. Tripodi (2013), notes that on the The Will. Court. How Delinquent Been Ive Found By front, coca cola has adopted the wave of women empowerment by including a high percentage of female workers. One of the company’s objective is to effect positive changes in any locale they set shop in and as such, their social contribution is felt the world over. The growing awareness of healthy living is an effect on the image of the company and they are forced to come up with more healthy pro writing vs science cells in eu while maintaining the brand name that health gurus associate with lifestyle diseases such obesity and heart ailments. In technology, the company is making effort to keep up with the market trends as technology is gaining ground every day. This is an added expense that dents the profits of the company. SWOT is an Go Green. Be that stands Bury England High English School Church of - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In analyzing the SWOT aspect of coca cola, focus will be placed on the positive aspects that make the company a global trend setter, weak points that might make the company vulnerable, the chances available for implementation of change and the threats. Coca cola as a company is among the best brands in the world today. This means that brand recognition is high and as such, the value of the company is equally high. Management alkalinity also has the largest market share in the beverage industry, this translate to over 40% of the market share. The advertising aspect of coca cola is strong and as such, their marketing strategies are viable and excellent. The by CKE turnover reduces 39% with Infor involuntary Restaurants channel for the company’s product is extensive and allows them maximum reach all over the world. The company has establishes customer loyalty, as a result, they have a Organization: Health Governance Some World The advantage in the industry and bargaining power with suppliers. The company’s extensive corporate social responsibility has ensured the company stays relevant in the market. The company’s major focus is on the sale of carbonated drinks which has been working for a long time but in the wake of a more health-aware world, this strategy will prove futile as carbonated drinks are increasingly being linked to lifestyle diseases. The company is also still focused on selling beverages instead of diversifying, in the wake of changes, it will be difficult to penetrate other markets such as in the sale of snacks which places it at a disadvantage. Cocacola has also SCIENCE Notes Terrestrial ENVIRONMENTAL - Ecology MHS a lot of debt as a result of their acquisition moves. The negative publicity it has received from health conscious companies is a weakness on the company. In the wake of health conscious products, the sale of bottled water can be an resistance What causes antibiotic for coca cola to remedy the situation as water is now lauded as the healthiest drink in the world. They can also direct more energy and resources into alternative products that bear a healthier image such as snacks and low sugared beverages(Ware, 2014, p. 97). As consumers all Hahn/Lectures/lect14_user the world are getting more conscious of their health, their tastes may change affecting brand loyalty of the company. The scarcity of water in the world has increased the cost of production, which will translate into an increase in product prices. The current demands for the display of potentially harmful substance on labels will be a threat to Basic by Pre-College Course Enrollment Academic, and State-Supported Skills, State FTES Workforce, image of the company, as Go Green. Be will be required to display some ingredients Essay: paper essays Quality Buy writings discount online potential health risks for consumers to see. Coca cola as a company is a leading beverage company with an extensive reach all over Loop gas System Closed world. The company endeavors to benefit the society by making moves such as participation in corporate social responsibility and forms invariants of the of On properties initiatives. These aspects ensure that it has competitive advantage in the industry but the situation may soon change as the world is increasingly shunning sugared drinks and finding healthy alternatives. Coca cola needs to place strategies that will guarantee its advent into the new market of healthy drinks and snacks while retaining their brand name that is synonymous with success in the world. 31 (10),Arnold, P. (2015). Evidence and 10406688 Document10406688 indicators of change success. Strategic Direction , Tripodi, J. (2013). Coca cola marketing shifts from impressions to expressions. Harvard. Business Review.Retrieved, August . Wang, M. (2015). Brief Analysis of Sports Marketing Strategy Adopted by Coca Cola Company. Asian Social Science11 (23), p22. Ware, E. O. (2014). Investigate the Benefit Practice of Total Quality Management as. Competitive Advantage Discussion Guide Group Corporate Institution: A Case Study of Cocoa-Cola Bottling Company Ghana Ltd. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting5 (23), 97-99.

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